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For many years, Maaji has been one of Colombia’s main swimwear and beachwear brands. Thanks to its attention to detail, its passion and its innovation, it has managed to expand its borders and to position itself as a global reference in the industry. Its arrival on new markets brought along new challenges, but it mostly opened a world of possibilities for the brand.

A real woman, a real world, a magical brand/
Just like people, brands evolve and adapt without losing their essence in order to strengthen their beliefs and their relationships with their customers. Maaji is no exception and, little by little, it brought its magic into a real and diverse world where magic happens in the most everyday moments.

Due to the changes that were occurring within the organization, Maaji needed to renew its identity. More than drastic changes, the team was looking for a visual refinement that would keep the brand’s magic while showing its growth and maturity.

After a thorough review of the logo, we decided to create a new typography. It was built from a more consistent grid on which we drew the name’s characters with anatomical features that would evoke the brand’s true habitat: “The Sun, the breeze, the beach and the sea”.

For the symbol, we decided to work with the brand’s most characteristic element: the wavy “M”, which represents the waves. Along with the Sun, it becomes a distinctive element that not only encapsulates the logotype’s essence, but also conveys the brand’s message.

The color palette also underwent significant changes. The neon yellow brings vibration and energy with brighter tones that were part of the brand from the beginning. Lastly, black was used for the first time to neutralize the project and make it timeless.

Teamwork leads to dream work
We know from experience that the most successful projects are the ones that benefit from diverse teams and active clients who are willing to participate. There is a very simple reason for this: several minds think more than a single one and, in the end, those who know a brand’s real needs and market are those who live it on a daily basis.
We had the privilege of working with a great team and, being aware of the importance of this project, Maaji accompanied us and gave us valuable insights in each phase, which inevitably gave a positive ending to the process.

Not every redesign entails radical changes. In this case, the brand evolved while strengthening its own identity through a strategy and a design process that enables usual customers to perceive maturity and timelessness and that captures new audiences with a fresh and iconic look. This update is the final step of an extensive process of change, and at the same time a new beginning for Maaji.

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