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Designer: Indika Swim Boutique


Each pack includes 2.8 mm Adjust-A-Buttons.

• Great to use for weight loss or gain, in-between sizes, and various body shapes.
• Sturdy metal material mimics the look of the original jean button.
• Flat back clasp won’t poke or pinch.
• Spring back clasp locks in place yet quickly releases for repeated use.
• Close the back gap – Pear body shapes can tighten the waist “gap”.
• Smooth “Muffin Tops”- Apple body shapes can extend jeans to avoid fleshy overflow.
• A quick fix for lost or broken buttons.


Product Details

-No-sew fix: The Adjust-A-Button fastens directly to your clothes to adjust your waistline or mend a missing button.
-Beat the dreaded muffin top or back gap: Find your perfect fit to let all your clothes look tailor-made.
-Easy to use: The button works just like a pin: simply poke the button’s post through the fabric and attach the fastener to the back to secure it in place. When you want to remove or adjust it, pull the spring tab at the back to release.
-Flat back: It won’t pinch or poke you like a safety pin would.
-Sturdy metal construction: The Adjust-a-Button mimics the buttons you’ll find on a pair of jeans for a discreet style solution that will stay secure and last.
-Each pack includes: 2 ready-to-use 2.8mm buttons.

How To Wear Adjust-A-Button

It’s easy to add the Adjust-A-Button to your jeans, blouse, dress, purse, or whatever garment needs a quick fix! Remember to always secure and remove your Adjust-A-Button while the garment is removed from your body.

To apply:
1. Carefully remove the fastener from the post.
2. Place in the desired location and poke the post through. (For a tighter fit on the waist, place to the right your current button. For a loosened fit, place to the left of your current button.)
Secure by placing the back fastener onto the post.

To remove:
1. Take off the garment before removal.
2. Pull tab on the back of the fastener to release.

Make sure you remove your Adjust-A-Button before washing, too!


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