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It’s us, the ladies behind DUNE. It’s incredible you’re here - surfing our site. Stopping by for a visit, reading this page right now to figure out the who and the why behind our brand (big thanks, by the way).

At the start of March, 2020, when it felt like there was nothing else to do but to make A Simple Boule, we got cracking on what we knew had to be done instead - build a bar-setting suncare brand that could be loved and used by all. Mei, being an avid surfer and darker complexioned gal, had serious pain points within the existing options on-shelf, plagued with white cast problems and difficulty finding quality SPF on the go. And Emily, a freckly, fair-skinned, skincare lover, frustrated by the lack of innovation & skincare benefits on the market. Not to mention, the incredible expense of buying "specialty" sunscreens - mind you, in bottles for ants - that were sure to burn a hole in even Elon Musk's wallet (Elon, if you're listening - rumor has it, you can also get a sunburn in space). How does any of that make sense, though? Sunscreen is a critical & essential item for everyone to use, every day, year-round.

So, by combining our passions and defining what was missing from our experience as lifelong users of sunscreen since almost birth (despite hating - yes, hating - when thick, white lotions were slathered onto our sandy child bodies when we were just trying to build sandcastles in peace), it was apparent what DUNE needed to be for not only us, but everyone else as well.

Two and a half years, a bazillion samples, sleepless nights, and cry laughs later, we are so humbled to share a never-been-seen-before, skin tone inclusive, clear gel suncare line, packed with clinically proven skincare benefits - that's created for & accessible to all. One we are so proud to put our mark on, and most of all, offer so you can put your actual best bods forward.

Thanks for stopping by, always great hanging,
Emily + Mei

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